Weve got you tracked

Weve is the location tracking marketing joint venture created by O2, EE (Orange & T-Mobile), and Vodafone. The idea behind the project is to take the data the mobile operators hold on you and sell it for marketing purposes. According to the Weve website 15m ( 21%) of the three networks 68m subscribers have opted-in, however, when I contacted the customer services of each network the agents had never heard of the scheme, or knew if I had opted in or how I could opt in or out. Presumably most of the 15m have opted in through small print in their contract.

Contact your mobile operator to find out if you’re in (or out) but expect bewilderment:

Vodafone: 01635 676061
EE/Orange/T-Mobile: 01707 315000
O2: 0800 0321402

Twitter: @madeupnamethree