EE – Nothing Nowhere

Since the merger of T-Mobile and Orange to form EE many users have experienced network problems as “overlapping” masts are switched off. When contacting customer services users are regularly told this is no problem with the network and the fault must be with their phone, or that the mast is down temporarily with no deadline for a fix.

To avoid being perceptually fobbed off any user experiencing problems should immediately put their complaint in writing and send it recorded delivery, large numbers of complaint letters get “lost”, if nothing improves the complaint should be escalated to industry regulator Ofcom. Template letters can be found on the website.

Android users can also download the Rootmetrics app which will record areas of good and bad coverage and plot it on their crowd sourced coverage maps. To set the app up for background testing follow these steps:

1. After downloading and opening the app, click the top left stopwatch “test” icon and and select “Signal only” testing.
2. Go back to the menu by selecting small icon in the top left.
3. Select the “Settings” cog in the bottom right, inside this menu turn the “background testing” to ON, and then “Send results using: Wifi Only”. This will ensure the data collected is only sent via Wifi at home and won’t eat into your mobile allowance.

Uploaded results should appear on the map within a few minutes of uploading, and poor coverage will show as orange, red, or black (completely dead) and can be used to demonstrate the extent of the holes in their coverage and their failure to meet their contractual obligations to provide the service their customers pay for.