New democracy

The Snowden documents and the resulting investigation and diplomatic response has shown how weak and craven European nations have become in the face of American imperialism (see the grounding of Bolivian President Morales state jet). It is also becoming increasingly obvious that British and American politics are dominated by political parties that talk a good opposition but act just like their counterparts on gaining power; in terms of policy the Democrats are interchangeable with the Republicans and the Conservatives with Labour. This has left the vote that our forefathers fought for virtually worthless.

Our political oligarchy now primarily serves itself, and takes its direction from big business. Effectively the only way for the average citizen to exert any influence over the system now is to break the monopolies held by the companies so they are both less influential in the long term and in the short term articulate that unless their customers views are represented, they will lose business.

Your choices as a consumer in terms of which search engine you use, who provides your email, and which web browser (etc..) are now the best and easiest way for you to express your dissatisfaction with the trampling of our United Nations backed right to privacy.

See my previous post for suggestions on alternatives, and feel free to comment below and follow on twitter: @madeupnamethree


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