Google backlash: Prism leaves red ink

With the exception of the UKs Guardian much of the media has left the Snowden affair well alone, either through political pressure or lack of exclusive. The story, however, hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American and European consumer. Alexa, the Amazon owned website ranking company, shows the number of page views to Googles various international sites significantly down over the last month. -9.97% (United Kingdom): -21.7% (France): -25.05% (Germany): -14.58% (Spain): -24.16% (Belgium): -21% (Brazil): -6.65% (Netherlands): -14.27% (Venezuela): -13.37% (Italy): -20.67 [Added 12:08 11/07/2013, London]

These figures are correct as at 12:37 10/07/2013 (London).

Whether this will result on any impact on the bottom line and is temporary remains to be seen but the online consumer seems to be at least trying StartPage and DuckDuckGo, and possibly many of the other alternatives this blog has highlighted in the wake of Prism.

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5 thoughts on “Google backlash: Prism leaves red ink

  1. Hello, thanks for the data collection and explanation !

    While I agree that startpage is a good initiative, you may have to highlight, in the present page, that it still relies on Google as a search engine, and thus do little to encourage alternatives to BigG 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! Alexa, along with ComScore, are among the best available data. The figures are for PageViews, so overall it is being used 25% less; this could be a combination of users stopping completely and others simply using less. I have virtually abandoned Google web search but still haven’t found a usable News Search (

      If you look at the historical data you can see a clear drop off in pageviews to the site in June, which matches the Snowden story, but could also as other comments have suggested be due to the academic year:

  2. How does that compare with the same months in 2012 percentage wise ? I’d love to see google getting a kicking but its school holiday time in Europe and the USA and that could be more significant to the trend than prism.

    I’ve dumped all my Google apps and never have location services on except for navigation. My next phone will not be Android. But there is no real alternative to Google news which annoys me.

    • I dont have access to the raw figures as I’m just using the public figures available here: Looking at the graph for 3 months, and MAX shows a clear drop off this year in June.

      You’re right there could be other reasons for the drop in use, and the drop in pageviews to their own sites doesn’t necessarily mean revenue from AdWords will be hit. If you haven’t tried using the DoNotTrackMe ( add-on for Firefox you might be surprised at the number of sites that seem to have Google/Facebook/Twitter javascript tracking your online habits, which in addition to invading your privacy also allows targeting of advertisements.

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