Prism, CarrierIQ and your mobile device.

Back in 2011 Trevor Eckhart broke the story that mobile phone logging software CarrierIQ was quietly transmitting data about users handset use without their knowledge. The software reports keystrokes, browser data, and text messages’ content, and location. The extent of the data transmitted back allegedly depends largely in the install. He explains this in detail on his YouTube channel, click here to watch.

At the time many dismissed this as being used for development purposes (to remove software bugs, improve mobile coverage, etc…) but in light of the Prism revelations many now wish to revisit whether they want their activities monitored. According to the Chpwn blog the iPhone install only reports location data, however, if you wish to stop this the process is relatively easy.

1. Go into your settings “app”.
2. Scroll down to “General”.
3. Click “About”.
4. Scroll down to “Diagnostics & Usage”
5. Select “Don’t Send”.

This should prevent any further logs being sent via CarrierIQ to Apple, who in turn probably share it with the NSA/GCHQ via Prism.

The process for checking whether the software is installed on Android devices, and how to remove it, is a little more complicated but is explained in full on the Tech Crunch website.


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